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👉 Plateforme de réservation et d'occupation 'My3Tilleuls'


AS FROM 21/01/2023

AS FROM 21/01/2023

- The Parc Sportif des Trois Tilleuls is taking over the organisation of the Aquabike. We invite you to create an Iclub account/My3Tilleuls (if you have not already done so). Go to our homepage on the My3Tilleuls tab (top right). 

- You can then log in to select a session (Places are limited and registration is required).

- If you still have sessions on your old cards, email with your bank details to get your money back.


16,00€/session (45min) Monday 18:15
145,00€/10 sessions         Tuesday 18:45
  Wednesday -
  Thursday -
  Friday -
  Saturday 10:00
  Sunday -


Contact : Reception Calypso, Avenue Léopold Wiener 60 in 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort


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