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👉 Plateforme de réservation et d'occupation 'My3Tilleuls'

Swimming Pool Calypso2000

I reserve my swim

FAMILIES - complete a reservation form for each family member (ex: if there are 3 of you, 3 forms must be completed)

R.O.I COVID / 19 - Reservation possible from Thursday July 9 (during the day)

Booking compulsory by internet -
Wearing a mask compulsory until arrival in your individual cabin (wearing a mask is not compulsory when practicing sports)
Outdoor solarium inaccessible / Private swimming lessons suspended / Lockers and baskets not available
No valuables in your cabins. You are responsible for valuables left in the cabin!
No possibility of leaving your valuables with hostesses, cabin crew or lifeguards
You leave your personal belongings in your changing room, the number of which you carefully memorize
Prohibition to take your bag to the edge of the pool
You must take your shower BEFORE entering the water. No soaping!
Maximum 3 people at a time in the shower area
No loan of equipment to customers (jerseys, hats, boards, ...)
Access to the pool in the context of the Covid is intended for swimmers. It is forbidden to stop in an area of ​​the basin to discuss or to sit on the edge of the quay.
You get out of the water quickly at the whistle of the lifeguard
You do not take a shower when you leave the water (avoid the queues)
You return to your cabin.
You have ten minutes to change and go out
!! RESPECT the safety distances in all areas of the pool !!


For group bookings (10 people or more), please send an email to
Promote card payments!
You can book among these 4 50-minute slots:
6:55 am-7:50 am Swimmers only
12:30 p.m. to 1:25 p.m. Swimmers and families
4:40 p.m. - 5:35 p.m. Swimmers and families
18:10-19:05 Swimmers and families
Checkout opens 5 minutes before your pool slot (to give you time to change before your slot)
The exit is via the Calypso infirmary (see map below)



Short forbidden Swimcap mandatory (for long and mid-long hair) Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult in both pools ! Mandatory shower before entering the pool










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